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            2022-10-26 05:13 來源: 高考學習網 本文影響了:17891人

            Unit 6 I’m going to study computerscience


            1.grow up成長;長大 2.every day每天

            3.be sure about對……有把握 4.make sure確信;務必

            5.send…to…把……送到…… 6.be able to能

            7.the meaning of……的意思 8.write down寫下;記下

            9.different kinds of不同種類的 10.hardly ever幾乎不;很少

            11.have to do with關于;與..有關系

            12.ta take up開始做;學著做


            14.be going to+動詞原形 打算做某事

            15.practice doing練習做某事

            16.keep on doing sth.不斷地做某事

            17.learn to do sth.學會做某事

            18.finishdoing sth.做完某事

            19.promise to do sth.許諾去做某事

            20.help sb. to dosth.幫助某人做某事

            21.remember to do sth.記住做某事

            22.agree to do sth.同意做某事

            23.love to do sth.喜愛做某事

            24.want to do sth.想要做某事




            因為 如:Thank you for helping me. I had to stop, forI was feeling quite hungry.

            支持 如:Are you for or against (反對) theplan?

            9. Some resolutions have to do with betterplanning, like making a weekly plan for schoolwork.有些決心是與更好地計劃有關,比如為學習做周計劃。


            keep a promise :遵守承諾

            break a promise 違背承諾

            11. The first resolution is about my own personalimprovement. 第一個決心與自我提高有關。


            owner: 所有者;擁有者 the owner of the house

            on one’s own: 單獨;獨自 (=alone)

            2). improve(v):(使)好轉;改善 I expect to improve my English.

            improvement (n) 改進;改善

            improve on sth. 對…做出改進: He improvedon his plan.

            12. To question the idea of making resolutions. 對下決心這種想法提出質疑


            Unit 7 Will people have robots?


            1.on computer在電腦上 2.on paper在紙上 3.wake up醒來

            4.live todo 200 years old活動200歲 5.free time空閑時間

            6.in danger處于危險之中 7.on theearth在地球上

            8.play a part in sth.參與某事 9.in the future在未來

            10space station太空站 11.computer programmer電腦編程員

            12. look for尋找 13.hundredsof許多;成百上千

            14thesame…as…與……一樣 15.getbored感到厭煩的

            16.over andover again多次;反復地 17.fall down倒塌

            18.will+動詞原形 將要做……

            19.fewer/more+可數名詞復數 更少/更多……

            20.less/more+不可數名詞 更少/更多……

            21.have to do sth.不得不做某事

            22.agree with sb.同意某人的意見

            23.such+名詞(詞組) 如此……

            24.play apart in doing sth. 參與做某事

            25.There will be + 主語+其他 將會有……

            26.There is/are +sb./sth.+doing sth.有……正在做某事

            27.make sb. do sth. help sb. withsth.幫助某人做某事

            28.try to do sth. 盡力做某事

            29.It’s+ adj.+for sb. to do sth. 對某人來說,做某事……的。


            1. Books will only be on computers, not onpaper. 書將只在電腦里,而不是在紙上。


            2. There will be more pollution. 將會有更多的污染。

            1).There will be + n = There is/aregoing to be + n 將會有… (不能have與連用) Thereis going to be a football match this Friday.

            2). pollution(u.n): 污染;公害 pollute(v):污染;弄臟 polluted(adj):受污染的

            3. Everyone should play a part in saving theearth. 每個人應該參與挽救地球。


            5. Today thereare already robots working in factories. 現在已經有機器人在工廠里工作了。

            There be sb.doing sth. 有某人正在做… There is a bird singingin the tree.

            6.They agree it may take hundreds of years. 他們同意這可能花費幾百年的時間。

            It takes + 時間 + (for sb.) todo sth. 某人花費時間區做某事。

            It took me half an hour to finish my homework.

            agree to do sth. We agree to meet up later and talk thingsover(認真商量)



            sb. agree onsth. 某人(達成協議的雙方)就…達成協議.

            Do you agree withme about/on the plan?

            hundreds/thousands/millionsof sth.;

            two…hundred/ thousand/million sth.

            7. Some scientists believe that there will be more robots in thefuture.


            3). believe it ornot. 信不信由你;

            I believe so. 我這樣認為;

            I believe not. 我不這樣認為

            8. Which side do you agree with? 你同意哪一方的觀點?

            side: 一方;一邊;一面;一側等

            change sides 改變立場、觀點; side by side 肩并肩

            from side to side 左右地; put sth to one side 把… 擱在一邊

            9. These new robots will have many different shapes. 這些新的機器人將會有許多不同的形狀。


            10. If buildings fall down with people inside, these snake robotscan help look for people

            under the building. 如果樓房倒塌而里面還有人,蛇形機器人就能幫助尋找人。



            fall down: 跌倒; (物) 倒塌 fall off :從...上落下;(物)脫落

            fall into:掉入;落入 fall over:被...絆倒 He fell overa stone.

            fall behind: 落后 fallin love with...: 愛上...

            11.I think I’ll take a holiday in Hong Kong whenpossible.


            take a holiday: 去度假 ;

            when possible = if possible: 如果可能的話


            1. 含義:表示將來某個時間要發生的動作或存在的狀態,也表示將來經?;蚍磸桶l生的動作.

            1). In the future, therewill be less fresh water.

            2). They’re going to buy some food right away.

            2. 常與一般將來時連用的時間狀語有:

            in the future,tomorrow,

            the day after tomorrow,

            next (month),

            at once(立刻;馬上),


            right away(立刻;馬上),

            right now(現在;馬上),

            sooner or later(遲早),


            in + 一段時間等

            3. 結構:

            (1)1) will +動詞原形(第一人稱用shall)

            (2)be going to +動詞原形

            (3)否定: 一加二改: 一加(助動詞 + not ); 二改(some 改為 any )

            1). He will visit you tomorrow. --- He won’t visityou tomorrow.

            2). ---- Theyaren’t going to buy any food.

            (4). 一般疑問:一提二改三升調:把(will / be)提到句首;把some改為any、句號改為問好;

            1). Will hevisit you tomorrow? ------ Yes, hewill. / No, he won’t.

            2). Are they going to buy any food? ------ Yes ,they are. / No, they aren’t.


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